A Specialised

Mental Health Private Hospital

bel esprit artwork

As the first and only private psychiatric hospital in Namibia, Bel Esprit opened in June 2018 to provide both in-hospital and out-of-hospital psychiatric clinical services for all Namibians.

Founding member and clinical psychologist, Ms Charine Glen-Spyron, was supported by Dr Hileni Ndjaba, a duly registered psychiatrist and Head of the State Hospital’s Mental Health Facility in Windhoek.

Bel Esprit resulted from the desperate need for Namibians to access mental health treatment within a private hospital environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many Namibians who are now facing new mental challenges, especially from its economic toll, including anxiety, depression and other conditions. Knock-on effects such as domestic violence and substance abuse have made the problem even more severe and complex.

Beyond our borders, the need for psychiatric services and treatment has skyrocketed and even become a human rights issue. To cater to those needs, our services will be extended to neighbouring countries this year.

The Hospital not only works on healing the disorder itself but also plays a key role in the rehabilitation of each, and every, patient admitted, to ensure easier reintegration with society after being discharged.

Untreated psychiatric conditions can result in quickly escalating, uncontrolled costs. That’s why we also play a key role in controlling mental health costs for all medical aid funds, the Public Service Employees Medical Aid Scheme and the Government of Namibia.

Unfortunately, mental health disorders still have a stigma in society. We are dedicated to educating our patients and the public that whether it’s a mental or physical disorder– neither is a choice.

Bel Esprit believes that it is time for society to step forward and away from stigma, acknowledging the fact that there is no difference between Mental Health disorders and Medical disorders – neither is a choice. Bel Esprits aim is to cater to people in psychological crisis. Extraordinary life stressors, a traumatic event, an underlying psychiatric vulnerability, a chronic illness or a combination of these may have brought on these crises.



Bel Esprit is proud to form part of the Avacare Health Group.

Avacare Health is an integrated healthcare group serving the African region through the distribution and supply of pharmaceuticals, medical consumables, consumer health and medical equipment

The birth of the Avacare Health Group began in 1996 with a vision to make a difference to the people of Africa. The innate passion and commitment to deliver timeously has helped us make our mark in the pharmaceutical and healthcare arena.

Achieving success is about having drive and we believe that “Yesterday we were good, today we are better and tomorrow we shall be great”. Yet the journey to greatness is not defined by a man’s success, or one company’s success or the success of the Group. Our greatness lies in the ability for us, as a Group, to make a difference to the lives of the people of Africa and for our products and services to be accessible in every part of Africa.

We are a group of dedicated and talented individuals who are passionate in ensuring that each of our efforts leads to the success of our vision. We have a diverse set of skills, competencies and knowledge within the group.

We believe passionately in education and the development of people, not only within the group but across the African continent. It is our collaboration, team effort and the attachment to a common vision that inspires our group to deliver great results.


Dr. Vikramkumar Naik

CEO & Founder

Dr. Naik, an anesthesiologist who started his career in the coalface of African hospitals, created a strategic vision which has led to the success and growth of our Group. His vision began with the realisation that Africa required better quality affordable medication and supplies and dedicated his life to ensure the fulfilment of this objective.

His extraordinary personal leadership approach has brought, and still brings, people together. It is through our visionary leaders that today, we as a Group, are able to implement ideas into results, translate dreams into reality and transform challenges into successes, not only with one company or country but across the African continent.