The Perfect Diet: Truth or Mystery?

By: Olivia Matthaei

We all know the problem of getting onto a scale and seeing those scary numbers. Again, too much weight on the hips. So, let’s diet. Day one of a diet always goes extremely well. We are highly motivated and every time if we need to choose between the stairs or elevator, we obviously take the stairs. Day 2 goes quite well – we might just take the elevator because we did so many stairs yesterday. If we really push ourselves, we can make it through the first week of the new diet, but after that first week, it starts: We get nauseous, we get bored of eating/drinking the same every day, we are lacking energy and are grumpy because this whole situation is just irritating and still our scale shows us we did not lose a kilo. So, we stop by that nice bakery just around our office block, buy a good coffee and one of their oh-so tasty cinnamon buns and say to ourselves, “Diets are just not working for me”.

Let’s face the fact about these drastic diet ideas: we cannot go on a diet for 3-4 weeks, lose 10kg and then go back to our normal eating pattern and hope we will not pick up those 10kg again.

Dieting is not a once off story. A perfect diet only works if we change our whole lifestyle!

We need to throw our old eating behaviour overboard and start a totally new lifestyle. This does not mean that you are not allowed to “cheat eat” every now and then, because we all know, when at a party or in a restaurant it is very difficult to say no to the tasty stuff.

Try to cut down on the unhealthy oils such as seed oils and replace them with olive oil or avocado oil. Leave out the white bread and replace it with whole grain bread. Try to reduce eating heavy meals right before bedtime.

Another important thing: take your time! Have little breaks in between, chew your food and enjoy having time to eat.

Most important: Celebrate healthy eating.