Because we are passionate about Namibia, its people and their Mental Health, we are happy to announce that Bel Esprit Hospital is open for in- and out-patient services.

When one suffers from a MENTAL HEALTH CONDITION there is no “button” to switch thoughts, emotions or moods on and off. You experience the intensity of your emotions, and often you may need additional help to put the puzzle pieces back together.

Bel Esprit believes that it is time for society to step forward and away from stigma, acknowledging the fact that there is no difference between Mental Health disorders and Medical disorders – neither is a choice.

Bel Esprit Hospital will offer specialized private inpatient care to clients requiring treatment for mental health conditions, which will be done within both a safe and comfortable environment, while being cared for by experts in the field of mental health.

Apart from the mental health services to clients, Bel Esprit will also have a training component where students and graduates within the mental health profession would have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on training.

The Hospital is best described as an ‘emotional ER’, catering to people in psychological crisis.  These crises may have been brought on by extraordinary life stressors, a traumatic event, an underlying psychiatric vulnerability, a chronic illness or a combination of these.