Health, Happiness and Hygiene: A look into the importance of good personal hygiene

The path towards a beautifully kept body is to ensure that you give your body sufficient love and care. There is more to hygiene than simply being clean, and as such, the importance of hygiene for the overall well-being of the individual is something that needs to be brought to the forefront. So often, people tend to overlook and ignore little hygienic necessities such as washing your hands after using the bathroom or taking a daily shower or two. There needs to be the realisation that adequate hygiene does not only benefit the individual physically, but can also have beneficial psychological effects such as increased self-confidence, thereby reducing instances of stress and anxiety.

Defining hygiene may prove to be somewhat difficult, as this definition may differ from person to person depending on factors such as race, religion, gender and culture – amongst others. A simple and broad definition for hygiene is that it includes a set of practices performed for the preservation of health.

The way in which you and those around you perceive your body image influences your self-esteem, confidence and motivation. People who struggle with low self-esteem and suffer from depression tend to neglect their personal hygiene which may be problematic as this could perpetuate the problem of poor body image. Good personal hygiene is essential for good health; as it allows for disease prevention, which, in turn, means lower health care costs.

Hygiene also plays a significant role when it comes to social reasons. Social society has established an ideal, a criterion for appropriate/acceptable behaviour – and adequate hygiene falls largely within this ideal. Essentially, most forms of modern media such as magazines, fashion, television, film and the internet pose a particular body image as being “suitable” or “expected”. From a young age, children are especially manipulated by modern media‚Äôs expectations; resulting in physical appearance being the key factor by which to judge and be judged.

The first step towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to strongly consider the importance of good hygiene. Inadequate personal hygiene and parents who neglect to or are careless in the education of hygienic practices to their children, not only harm themselves and their children, but can also harm the health of those they surround themselves with. Therefore, it is essential to take hygiene seriously to ensure a happy and healthy society.

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