Managing Evolving Stress

In this world of face paced advancement, it is inevitable that stressors undergo some changes and advancements of their own. Stress is neither good nor bad and is experienced arguably by almost every living thing. It is your body’s way of protecting or preparing itself from dangers and threats; However the effects of stress should not be ignored. Stress may induce symptoms like headaches, panic attacks, body and muscle pains, increased susceptibility to infection and insomnia (among numerous other things).

Stress is the body’s response to demanding and threatening stimuli, and too much of it is extremely detrimental to both the human mind and body; This is where stress management comes in. In order to avoid too much stress one must take in account numerous factors like the causes of stress, your reactions and relaxation techniques. A question one may ask, is how stress can be managed if like us, it is constantly evolving; the solution is to deal with stress as and when it comes and get a better understanding of yourself; this is because stressors cannot be avoided and it is better to live in the present than to fearfully anticipate what is to come in the future.

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