Depression and Our Youth

What is depression? Some say that it is simply sadness, others believe that it is imaginary, that it does not exist; However depression is a very serious mental illness and seems to be on the rise, especially among our youth/young adults.

Depression isn’t just sadness, there are different people who report the feeling of depression differently. It could be expressed as irritability, anger, guilt and a lack of motivation. One could ask why depression is on the rise among more and more young people and there are numerous reasons.

In our current climate the stressors on our youth are numerous. In addition to biological growth and the hormonal imbalances that come with growth, the youth are met with stressors from changing political issues to romantic relationships, Family problems, increased responsibilities and the question of how to secure ones future.

All these can cause depression in our youth/young adults especially if they are happening at the same time and though most of them cannot be avoided it is good to acknowledge the stressors that are affecting our youth and keep an eye open for signs of depression like changes in mood or low motivation.

The world is forever changing and so we must make a conscious effort to support and guide our youth.


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